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The Night Vision Video Camera Binoculars offer infrared night vision capabilities along side a digital camcorder and digital camera. When you are done recording you can watch it on the builtin . screen or plug it into your computer with the included AV cable. It comes with a filters so you can use them during the daytime. Great for hunters security guards bird watchers and more.

Has high quality LD optical lenses for best clarity
Able to view objects up to meters away
Connect to your computer with the included AV cable
Digitally record video take pictures
Store recordings on MicroSD card not included
Builtin . LCD screen for playback
Field of view of m mm diameter
Records video in P pics in x
Water resistant IP waterproof grading
Power V AA Batteries
Supports MicroSD up to GB

History of Night Vision Goggles

Around the s scientists and engineers from the US Army discovered the first viable method for showing the faintest of light know as electromagnetic radiation that was not within the visible spectrum for the human eye. With this discovery began the journey to our modern day near daylight night vision devices. This enabled soldiers to fight as well during the night as they did in the daytime. Own the Night became the soliders new ability.
Darkness has always been an issue during the war how do you fight an enemy you cannot see. Prior to the discovery of night vision technology soldiers battled during the night with various primitive methods including the use of fire and more modern times electric search lights.
But on the battlefield these methods were also a disadvantage not only could they see the enemy but the enemy could see them and what they were up to. Modern night vision googles make up for this by huge factors.
During the mid s the clever people who first worked on night vision technology created what has become known as the first generation night vision device. This was a passive unit and the first was know as a Starlight Scope which could be used as a rifle scope. This was the first major practical use in the military of night vision units.

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Estimated shipping time 7 to 14 days.

Night Vision Goggles Video Binoculars

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